Current Membership

Department Member Term
ACC/BUS John DeSpagna (Chair) 18-20
ABT Dorothy Rabbene 18-20
AHS Ricardo Zarco 18-20
CHE Mary Beck 17-19
COM Chris Frederick 17-19
ECO Tracyann Ayala 18-20
ENG Scott Ash 18-20
ENG Suzanne Kaebnick 17-19
ENG Christina Rau 17-19
ENG Andrew Schopp 17-19
ENG Beth Smith 18-20
Assistant VP of Distance Education Deborah Spiro  
Chief Information Officer Richard Lawless  
Chief Information Officer Representative/ITS Tony DeLouise  
Coordinator of ESL Designee Hector Fortuna(contact person)  
Coordinator Distance Education Gail Delaporte  
IT Manager of Information Technology Services (ITS) Maryam Mirza  
LAW Elisa Salvi (Sect'y) 18-20
MUSIC Ryan Patane 17-19
READING/BEP Gina Sipley 17-19
Chair of SPS Designee Ieshah Whitehead  
SOC Anna Feuerbach 18-20
SPS Catherine Lewis 18-20
Coordinator of BEP Designee Kelly Gilpin  
Ex-Officio Ethel Weeks  
Chair of Library designee Rosanne Humes  
SGA JiaYing Zhou