Distinguished Professor

Meetings will follow the schedule published by the Academic Senate. Subcommittee meetings will be scheduled at the discretion of the chair and members of the each subcommittee.



  1. To solicit nominations for the SUNY titles of Distinguished Service Professor, Distinguished Teaching Professor and Distinguished Librarian.
  2. To determine the SUNY criteria for candidates and to determine the College's process for evaluating candidates.
  3. To conduct an objective and unbiased evaluation of the merits of the proposed candidates
  4. To prepare the final nomination portfolio for each candidate.
  5. To forward to SUNY System Administration through the President's Office the College's finest exemplars of the qualities recognized through the Distinguished Service Professorship, Distinguished Teaching


One - Academic Senate Chair or designee from the Executive Committee
One - Presidential designee
One - Student Representative from SGA
One - at-large faculty member at the rank of Associate Professor or above, appointed by the Academic Senate Executive Committee
Four - faculty members at the rank of associate professor or above, appointed by the Academic Senate Executive Committee and selected from each of the four groupings:

Group A:
Art, Communications, English, Foreign Languages, Music, Philosophy, Reading/Basic Education, Theatre/Dance

Group B:
Africana Studies, Criminal Justice, Economics/Finance, Health/Physical Education/Recreation, History/Political Science/Geography, Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology/Social Work, Student Personnel Services

Group C:
Allied Health Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering/Physics/Technology, Mathematics/Computer Science/Information Technology, Nursing, Physical Sciences

Group D:
Accounting/Business, Hospitality Business, Legal Studies, Library, Marketing/Retailing/ Fashion Buying & Merchandising/Fashion Design & Interior Design, Mortuary Science, Office Technology, faculty not attached to academic departments.

Membership of the Distinguished Professor Committee shall be limited to no more than one member from any academic department.

No member of the committee may be considered as a candidate during his/her tenure on the Committee