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The Faculty Council of Community Colleges (FCCC) is the official agency through which the faculty members of the thirty SUNY community colleges engage in the governance of the University. The FCCC focuses on matters relating to community college faculty, system-wide educational policies and other professional matters of the State University of New York. The Faculty Council is part of the SUNY shared governance structure.

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The faculty of each community college elects a delegate and an alternate delegate, as established by local faculty/campus governance bylaws.Delegates are voting members of the Faculty Council and the FCCC recommends that they serve at least 3-year terms.

Delegates and alternate delegates serve a dual role: they represent their campus faculty to the Faculty Council. Delegates and alternate delegates should actively seek out the multiple perspectives of the faculty they represent as well as the positions of the local faculty governance bodies on academic matters.

They report to their campus leaders on the deliberations and actions taken by the Faculty Council. Many delegates and alternate delegates make a regular report to their senates or faculty-at-large.

Current NCC Delegate

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Dr. Ethel C. Weeks

Economics & Finance

Academic Senate:
First Vice-chair