Diversity, Equality & Inclusion



  1. To review annually the Affirmative Action Plan.
  2. To develop procedures for monitoring the Affirmative Action Plan.
  3. Through a standing subcommittee, to educate the College Community on issues regardingsexual harassment.
  4. Through a standing subcommittee, to educate the College Community on issues regarding bias and discrimination.
  5. Through a standing subcommittee, to serve as locus for information and communication for the purposes of furthering cultural diversity and/or pluralistic initiatives at the College.
  6. To educate and inform the College community on affirmative action matters and issues.
  7. To assist the Affirmative Action Officer in the implementation of the Affirmative Action guidelines and policies.
  8. To monitor departmental guidelines for compliance regarding all position notices and advertisements.
  9. To examine the results of the College's Affirmative Action Program as it relates to federal, state, and local laws.
  10. To receive and review annually the following statistical information on the workforce at Nassau by sex, race and national origin:
    1. Work Force Analysis
    2. Job Group Analysis
    3. Availability Analysis (job group consolidation and numerical determination)
    4. Underutilization Analysis
    5. Goals and Timetables
    6. Civilian Labor Force
    7. Teaching Workforce
    8. Student Enrollment
    9. New Civil Service Hirees
    10. Applicants for Faculty Hiring, Promotion, Tenure and Sabbatical
    11. Successful Applicants for Faculty Hiring, Promotions, Tenure and Sabbatical


Standing Representation:

Standing Representation:
Affirmative Action Officer
Director of Human Resources
Representative of the Office of Academic Affairs

Other Representation:

One - representative and one alternate for each academic department to be elected by that department.

Student representatives shall be appointed by the Appointments/Tellers/Election Committee and shall comprise at least ten percent of the total membership.

Membership on all subcommittees shall include elected members of the Affirmative Action Committee having both voice and vote and non-elected members from the College community who may actively participate but may not vote.