Appointment & Tellers

Appointments to Academic Senate Standing Committees

Appointment requests for all Academic Senate Standing Committees for the 2014 academic year are being processed. You will receive confirmation regarding your appointment in late August from the Academic Senate Office. If you would still like to apply for an appointment for the 2014 academic year, late requests will be accepted through September 2014. The committee will consider late appointment requests in the Fall.

Appointment/Tellers/Election Committee Structure

This committee meets approximately seven times each year at hours agreed upon by committee members. This routinely results in Friday afternoon meetings. Our first meeting takes place in late May/Early June and often lasts two hours. Due to the small size of this committee, no subcommittees are formed. Email communication occurs between meetings, but not during the summer.  All committee members are expected to attend all Academic Senate meetings. You need not be a member of the Academic Senate to serve on the Appointment/Tellers/Election committee. Thank you for your interest in A/T/E. 

Committee Selection Preference Form



  1.  To solicit members for Appointed Standing Committees of the Academic Senate.
  2. To evaluate credentials, to make appointments to committees and then to make procedural
    recommendations to the Academic Senate.
  3. To present its faculty appointments to the Executive Committee of the Senate by July 1 of
    that year. The Committee shall also appoint members to fill vacancies created by
    resignation, leave of absence, sabbatical leave, etc., as required, by the next regularly
    scheduled meetings of the respective committees.
  4. To distribute to the electorate official notification of the election with deadline dates and the
    various election procedures outlined in the Bylaws.
  5. To prepare, distribute, collect and verify all nominating petitions.
  6. To collect statements from the candidates which are to appear in a special notice in
    accordance with the Bylaws.
  7. To prepare all ballots and election-related materials in the proper time sequence called for in
    the Bylaws.
  8. To collect, verify and count all ballots in accordance with the time sequence called for in the
  9. To transmit official results to the Chair of the Academic Senate and the President of the
    College in accordance with the time sequence called for in the Bylaws.
  10. To maintain all records of an election for thirty (30) days after the official announcement of
    the election results. After this time, the records shall be destroyed.
  11. To perform all other election-related duties as required by the Chair of the Academic Senate.
  12. Collegewide elections other than those specified in the Collective Bargaining Agreement or
    Bylaws of the Academic Senate, may become the responsibility of the Committee at the
    discretion of the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate.
  13. If there has not been a sufficient number of petitions submitted for available positions on
    collegewide elected committees, the Committee may add nominees so that the number of
    candidates equals the number of open positions. This will not preclude any faculty
    memberfrom a write-in candidacy.


Standing Representation:

Chair of the Academic Senate or designee from the Executive Committee
Student Government Academic Senate Chair

Other Representation:

No fewer than five (5) but no more than nine (9) faculty members and/or administrators, all of whom shall be elected by the Academic Senate.

Student Academic Senators are also eligible for election to this Committee.

One half of the membership shall be elected in even years, the other half in odd years, with no more than one (1) member from any academic department serving concurrently.