Committee Charges


Arthur Friedman

David Stern 


*Denotes Committee Self-Charge
#Denotes New Charge

  1. Perform the duties prescribed in the bylaws as follows:
    1. To solicit nominations for the SUNY titles of Distinguished Service Professor,
      Distinguished Teaching Professor, and Distinguished Librarian.
    2. To determine the SUNY criteria for candidates and to determine the College’s
      process for evaluating candidates.
    3. To conduct an objective and unbiased evaluation of the merits of the proposed
    4. To prepare the final nomination portfolio for each candidate.
    5. To forward to SUNY System Administration through the President’s Office the
      College’s finest exemplars of the qualities recognized through the Distinguished
      Service Professorship, Distinguished Teaching Professorship and Distinguished
  2. #Work with the Middle States Coordinating Committee as called upon to secure Nassau
    Community College’s accreditation.
  3. *Assist the administration in publicizing and honoring our Distinguished Professors within
    the college and throughout the surrounding communities.
  4. Review and revise the Distinguished Professor Committee Procedure Manual in order to
    incorporate the revised SUNY guidelines and reduce the ambiguity of terms and enhance
    the clarity of the application process. Provide both a hard copy and an electronic copy of
    the Procedure Manual to be housed in the Academic Senate Office.
  5. Explore ways to publicize Distinguished Professorships in order to encourage faculty to