Meetings will follow the schedule published by the Academic Senate. Subcommittee meetings will be scheduled at the discretion of the chair and members of the each subcommittee.



  1. To recommend all policies of the Honors Program regarding:
    1. Standards for admission
    2. Standards for remaining in the program
    3. Criteria for waiver requests
    4. Design of the program
  2. To review and select new courses to be sponsored in the program.
  3. To establish and periodically review the goals of the program.
  4. To evaluate the program bi-annually and to establish and revise procedures to be used for this evaluation.


Standing Representation:

Representative from the Office of Academic Affairs, appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Advisor for the program

Other Representation:

All faculty members shall be appointed by the Appointment/Tellers/Election Committee. In making these assignments, the Appointment/Tellers/Election Committee shall try to get wide representation from diverse departmental areas. The academic departments offering Honors Program courses shall be encouraged to have active representation on the Honors Committee.

Two Honors students to be elected by the students in the Honors Program

One student representative of the Student Government Association (SGA)