International Education

Meetings will follow the schedule published by the Academic Senate. Subcommittee meetings will be scheduled at the discretion of the chair and members of the each subcommittee.



  1. To recommend policies relating to all areas of international study.
  2. To engage in an on-going review of academic policies, procedures and conditions relating to international study.
  3. To assist in promoting international education by:
    1. Promoting awareness of global relations,
    2. Promoting development of international courses and programs, and
    3. Promoting participation in international studies.
  4. To provide information to departments and to assist in assessing need in matters concerning international study programs as these programs are being prepared by departments.


Standing Representation:

Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee

Other Representation:

All other members shall be appointed by the Appointments/Tellers/Election Committee.

One student representative and one alternate shall be appointed by the Student Government Association.