Substance Awareness

Meetings will follow the schedule published by the Academic Senate. Subcommittee meetings will be scheduled at the discretion of the chair and members of the each subcommittee.



  1. To educate the campus community on preventative measures regarding the use and abuse of alcohol and other substances.
  2. To conduct presentations, workshops and the annual Awareness Program.
  3. To review and update the college policy for a drug free campus.
  4. To develop student-oriented programs for preventative outreach.

Bylaws amendment passed by the Senate February 21, 2008


Standing Representation:

Representative of the Office of Academic Affairs
Dean of Students Vice President for Academic/Student Services or designee
Associate Vice Present of Human Resources and Labor Relations for designee.

Other Representation:

Members are appointed by the Appointments/Tellers/Election Committee with a view toward representation by every academic department. (Departments not having an appointed member to the committee shall provide the name of a departmental contact person to the Chair of the Committee and the Academic Senate office.)

Students are to be appointed by the Student Government Association and they shall comprise twenty (20) percent of the total membership.