Meetings will follow the schedule published by the Academic Senate. Subcommittee meetings will be scheduled at the discretion of the chair and members of the each subcommittee.



  1. To formulate and recommend a framework by which departments, academic programs,
    faculty and administration will engage in the ongoing process of self-evaluation and
    measurement of outcomes.
  2. To encourage and assist, if needed, departments and faculty in the ongoing process of
  3. To communicate with those college committees whose work is affected by the assessment
  4. To provide on-going communication with departments and administration to move forward the course-level assessment process to improve student learning.


Standing Representation:

Two (2) representatives of the Office of Academic Affairs (Bylaws revision December 14, 2006)
Associate Dean for Institutional Research or designee
Associate Dean for Assessment and Program Reviwe
Coordinator of Testing

Other Representation:

  • Faculty shall be selected by the Appointments/Tellers/Election Committee with at least one member from each department, if possible.
  • Total faculty membership is not to be fewer than fifteen.
  • One student representative to be appointed by the Student Government Association.